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Daily Inspiration: Day 1

The thing about getting older is that instead of deciding that you’ve figured it out, you get better at realizing you never will.

— Angel Olsen

So there is good news and bad news about getting older. The bad news is that we will never know everything but the good news is that you don’t have to. As a child, there is so much hidden from you that your limited knowledge seems to be all there is to know about the world. As you get older and less naive, the vastness of the unknown becomes apparent and quite frankly overwhelming. Luckily, you only need a limited amount of knowledge to be happy. Here are some helpful tips on where to focus.

  1. Focus on knowledge of self. Spend time getting to know yourself. Focus on your purpose or if that’s too big a concept, focus on what makes you happy in the moment. Take a course, read a book just for fun or invest in some self-help literature.
  2. Focus on those who make you happy. Learn about those around you and learn how to love them better. Listening and being present is a great way to start learning about others.
  3. Focus on what pays you. Yes, many of us get complacent once we get our dream job, not realizing that keeping that job is a huge part of the journey. Whether you have a boss or you’re the boss, always stay current in your industry.
  4. Focus on what makes you happy. Passions, hobbies, obsessions. We’re not all lucky enough to make them into careers but that doesn’t mean we need to cut them out of our lives completely. Pursue your passions if even for a few hours per week. Learn how to do what you love, well.
  5. Focus on what makes you healthy: This is something that is near and dear to my heart. Physical, emotional and mental health are extremely important and are the key to living a longer more fulfilling life. Focus on what you put into your mouth, the thoughts you let linger in your mind and the how you treat your body.


Each day we seek to know and grow

Each day we seek more knowledge

Certain that all we ‘knew’ before

With new information will vanish


Take heart and know that learning and unlearning is a part of the growth process.




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