The Goal Setting Trap

I’m great with money. Nothing is more thrilling to me than setting a goal, saving towards it and achieving it. But after many years of chasing goal after goal I started to question whether I was enjoying my accomplishments or whether I was too busy chasing the next goal. Today’s reflection has me thinking about enjoying my life more and spending less of the present planning for the future. While pensions and investments and savings are important, a balance between planning for the future and enjoying the here and now is essential.

Tips for enjoying your life now:

  1. Write down what you’ve accomplished so far. This is a great way for you to stop focusing exclusively on the life you want and be grateful for the life you have.
  2. Do one simple thing each day that makes you happy. Whether it’s reading a chapter of a good book or treating yourself to your favorite healthy snack. Do something that makes you feel good and alive.
  3. Budget for fun. This has been a real struggle for me but an important investment. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re working to pay bills. Fun can be a night in with friends or family or a day at the beach. It’s fairly easy to plan fun activities on a budget.
  4. Only chase the goals that matter to you. We sometimes get caught up chasing goals that mean nothing to us and end up losing useful time that we could be spending enjoying our lives. A friend of mine recently sold her house which from my perspective is absolutely crazy! Who sells valuable real estate? From my friend’s perspective though, things looked a lot different. She never really wanted to be saddled to a piece of real estate to begin with and since she travels quite frequently with her husband, a house was never really a goal that she should have been chasing. It’s your life, you’re the one who has to live it.
  5. Do less. There is no rule that says you have to accomplish all your goals all at once. Pace yourself. One big goal at a time is quite enough to leave you feeling accomplished.

Good Luck on your goal setting journey!

Marsha Dawkins

Learning and Development Consultant



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